Sunday, July 20, 2008



Carolyn said...


I like your blog. Your pictures are wonderful. You are quite the artist. I can't wait to read more as you go through the 1st grade.

I liked having you, Annais, Kaira
and your mommy visit me the other day. I had fun with you all.

Jesus loves you and I do too.
Carolyn (Ninny)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited that you will be blogging to let us know what you are learning in first grade and what God is teaching you. I will eagerly wait each week to learn what you are going to share. I know you will have an exciting and wonderful year as you learn and grow. God loves you and so do I. Love, Ms. Beth

Natalie said...

I ofund your blog via A Woman Found. I am a SAHM right now, but taught previously taught first grade. It is my love! I will one day return. I can't wait to read about your year! Teachers can learn so much from each other.

Natalie said...

I just noticed some typos in my above comment. Not a very good example of teaching my kids to "reread" their writing. :)

Mari said...

It was a great first week...I'm looking forward to a great year...I love you and am so glad to be your teacher.